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History of Origin


Shiva Maha Purana, Padma Purana, Srimad Devi Bhagavata (Chapt. XII-VII), Rudraksha Jabalo Upnisad, Varieties of Myths from Great Rishi Muni.


Rudraksha beads, the holy beads scientifically called as Elaeocarpus Ganitrus. Rudraksha comes from Sanskrit word and literally stands for the “eyes of Lord Shiva”( means rudra=Shiva, aksham=tear of an eye).

Lord Shiva is an important deity of Vedic age (125000yrs B.P.) and is depicted wearing rosary of Rudraksha beads in the icon of different historical era. So it reveals that the merit of Rudraksha are first realized by Shiva himself and handed over to benefit of later generation.

This holy Rudraksha beads have been worn by the people of Nepal and India for thousand of years to maintain physical and mental health and to gain fearless life on their spiritual path to enlighten and liberation. According to Srimaddevibhagavatam (the oldest holy books), it describe the origin of Rudraksha on its eleven chapter -VII khanda as follows:

Shiva Mahapuran

According to another religious text Shiva Mahapuran, Parvati the divine consort of Lord Shiva asked him the origin of Rudraksha. On hearing her question Shiva said that he did penance for a thousand years. Tired of keeping his eyes closed for so long, Shiva opened them. A few teardrops fell to the ground and from these tears, the Rudraksha tree came into existence. The seeds of the tree were distributed on the earth.

According to another puran, once lord Shiva went into deep meditation for a long period for the well-being of all living beings. After waking from the state of meditation, he opened his eyes and instantly tear drops fell on the earth. On reaching the ground, tear drops took the form of a seed which later grew into Rudraksha tree.

One ancient story explains the origin of Rudraksha as . Once upon a time, Lord Shiva was very upset and depressed due to the death of “Gauri”, his wife. He started crying and roaming here and there in search of “Gauri”. And while searching too he was crying and his tears were falling on the earth. These tears took the form of a seed and grew into Rudraksha tree.

There are also many other different conceptions regarding Rudrakshas in Shiv Puran and other Pauranic scriptures but one thing is upheld in all of these that:

“Divya Varsha Sahasram Tu Chakshurunmeelitmayaa,
Paschanmaakulakshibhyah Patita Jalbindavah”

Shiv Uvach:

“For One Thousand Divine Years I Kept Closed My Eyes Then Tear Drops Fell From My Eyes.”

“Tatrashrubindto Jaata Maharudraksh Vriskshkah
Mamaagyayaa Mahasen Sarvesham Hitkamyayaa”

Those drops of tear which fell from my eyes gave birth to the tree of Maharudraksh on my command for the benefit of all.

Ancient Vedic scriptures talk on different circumstances leading to the creation of Rudra. All the epics are centered on Lord Shiva the god of eternal cycle of creation and destruction, and falling of tears from his eyes.

The exact phrase expelled during discussion of Rudraksha between Vishnu and Naradmuni Rishi is as follows:-

Narad Muni: Narayan (God Vishnu), I know the greatness of Rudraksha beads that you have said but may I know how Rudraksha came to this earth and honoured?

Narayan said: O Child! This is the very question that was asked once by Kartikeya, the six faced son of Rudra dwelling in Kailash. What Rudra replied, I say now listen:-

RudraDeva spoke: O child Kartikeya,I will dwell briefly on the secret cause of the greatness of Rudraksha beads. In days of the year there was a devil called Tripura who could not be conquered by anybody. Brahma, Vishnu and Other Devas request I contemplated the divine Great weapon named Aghora, beautiful, terrible and containing the strength of all the Devas to kill him. It was inconceivable and it was blazing with fire.

In the process, for full divine one thousand years I remained awake with eyelids wide open thinking of Aghora weapon, the destroyer of all obstacles whereby the killing of Tripura might effect and the troubles of the devas be removed. There by my eyes were affected and the drops of tear came out of eyes.

Son Kartikeya from those drops of tear coming out of my eyes, the great tree of Rudraksha did spring for the welfare of all Devas and mankind. This Rudraksha beads are of Twenty-Eight varieties. From my Surya Netra (my right eye) symbolizing the sun twelve varieties have come and my left eye representing the moon (the soma netra) sixteen varieties.

Intelligent One! Wherever, whoever holds with or without faith and devotion this great Rudraksha will attain Rudrahood and freed from all sins; his religious merit is inexhaustible.

From then Rudraksha tree grown in Gauda Land , the favorite place of Lord Shiva ranging from the great Himalayan belt to southeast Asia. Although grown in many country like Nepal, India, Barma, Bhutan, Indonesia, it localizes mainly in Nepal.

Since then to bless the Shiva devotees, these Rudraksha beads were given to four varnas into Brahmin, Ksatriya, Vaisya and Sudra representing by their color white , red, yellow, black respectively. All people of any Varnas, men, women ,child can wear any color of rudraksha who is freed from sins and suffering and get bless from all Gods.


Rudraksha – In scientific terminology, Rudraksha is known as Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb. It is endowed with religious,medicinal and spiritual significances, originating in pre-historic times from the tear drops of Lord Shiva. The seed contains secrets of the entire evolution of cosmos within it. These beads are mystically potent for all human beings in which the almighty is encoded – the deep power behind its existence. Its mystical powers can be seen in all related field of Wealth, Health, Prosperity,Protection, Self-Empowerment leading to freedom of suffering since time immemorial as shown and recorded in ancient scriptures.

According to the Hindu scripture, Rudraksha beads are the holiest items embodied with mystical powers. These scripture states that Rudraksha is utilized to bring spiritual and material well-being to the wearer as well as for medicinal purposes since the ancient time.

Most of the powers of Rudraksha are associated with the number of mukhi or faces the beads have. Yogis and Monks of Nepal, India and many other countries have worn Rudraksha beads for thousands of years to cultivate physical, mental and health prowess to achieve Fearlessness on their Spiritual path leading to enlightenment and liberation. According to old scriptures, ‘He who wears Rudraksha round the hands, arms and over the head cannot be killed by any living being. He shall roam the world in the form of Rudra. He shall be respected by the Gods and Assures always as well as be honored like Shiva. Even the devotees of Vishnu and other deities shall unhesitatingly wear the Rudraksha for gaining spiritual enlightenment.

The natural Electromagnetic Properties of the Holy Rudraksha Beads have been found to improve concentration, focus and mental stamina. When worn on Malas around the heart area it was found that they reduce and control stress levels, blood pressure and hypertension resulting in the feeling of tranquility and calmness. Rudraksha Beads were found to be ideal for focused Meditation and other Spiritual Practices.

Though the powers of the Rudraksha beads have been known as a phenomenon for thousands of years in Vedic Knowledge, it is only since the late 1960s that their values and merits have been documented in modern science through research conducted by a group of scientists lead by Dr Subas Rai PHD Institute of Technology University in Banaras (B.H.U) India.

Research has proven that Rudraksha have powerful Electromagnetic, Paramagnetic and Inductive Properties that vary from the different Mukhis of Rudraksha beads. It creates specific electric impulses that are sent to the brain through the process of reflex skin response stimulating certain brain centers that transfer information in the Neurophysiology, which is the major way of impact of Rudraksha in human body.

Wearing of Rudraksha creates improved and balance activity of neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin levels that is evidenced by the positive transformation in the personality, mindset, outlook, charisma, and confidence of the wearer.

It was also proven that wearing of Rudraksha beads controlled heart beat and had a positive effect on the Blood Pressure, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Palpitation, and lack of concentration etc.

Briefly, the advantage after wearing Rudraksha beads or malas are described as follows:


  • Regulation of Blood pressure, Stress control.
  • Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Concentration.
  • Impotence, Sterility, Brain Disorder Schizophrenia, Mood Disorder, etc


  • A man who wears Rudraksha with or without Mantras, with shame or otherwise gets rid of all sins and attains perfect knowledge.
  • Protection against Accidents and Premature Death.
  • Increases Intelligence
  • Development of Dispassion
  • Detachment and Spirit of Renunciation.
  • Protection from the Negative Astrological Influences.


  • Wealth and Prosperity.
  • Success and Power.

In addition to general purpose mentioned above, Rudraksha Beads affect specific areas of health, happiness, enhance spiritual fulfillment, prosperity, creativity, intuition, material fulfillment, family harmony and fearless life. So Rudraksha is believed to improve general health, remove misfortune, give purity, peace and stability of mind. Another benefit of the Rudraksha is that after wearing them in combinations, one doesn’t have to worry about the worse effect of nine planets anymore. These rudraksha are used to break up (karmic) behavior patterns, and makes one positive as much as one stops making mistakes and misjudgments.

Rudraksha and God

Hindu legend relates many stories about Lord Shiva, also known as “Rudra”. He is famous for being the embodiment of the power of destruction in an eternal cycle of creation, maintenance, and destruction. It is said that Lord Shiva once entered in a deep state of meditation to get the solution for the problem faced by Devas (Gods) for a very long time.

Finally when he opened his eyes after getting to solution was expressed with sacred tears which ran down his cheek and fell to earth generating a Rudraksha Tree. The word rudraksha, in fact, comes from the two Sanskrit words rudra, a synonym for Lord Shiva, and aksha, meaning “eyes”. Botanically, the rudraksha tree is known as Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb.

These trees grow in very few places in the world including the Himalayas of Nepal, as well as in parts of Indonesia. Many different Hindu scriptures written over many different periods of history describe divine qualities present in each beads. One intriguing aspect of rudraksha lore is that it is worn and worshipped by absolutely everyone regardless of caste, religion, sect, creed, color, or sex.

Generally speaking, one who worships and wears the rudraksha in the prescribed manner will invoke the energies of Lord Shiva and negative thoughts and emotions will be destroyed. It has no adverse effects and promotes peace of mind and prosperity for the whole family residing in the place of where rudraksha is being worshiped.

In various ancient scriptures (i.e. Padma Purana, Shiva Purana, Mantramahanava, Rudrakshajabalopanishad) it is proclaimed that if a person meets his death while wearing or close to rudraksha worshiping place he is released from the cycle of life and death and achieves moksha (liberation). Rudrakshas should be kept as a set of 21 beads (from one face to twenty-one face) in the prayer room and worshipping it will bring positive changes. This will bring health, peace, and prosperity to the whole family.

According to various Hindu scriptures different Mukhi or faces rudraksha represent a god. Here is the brief details of rudraksha and the representing Gods.Different Mukhi Rudraksha God / Goddess

One Face – Goddess Lakshmi :-Lord Of Wealth
Two Face – Arthanareshwor (shiva and parvati rupam):-Lord Of Union
Three Face – Lord MaSaraswoti :-Lord Of Intelligence, Knowledge.
Four Face – Lord Brahma :- Lord Of Creation.
Five Face – Lord Rudra :- Lord Of Destroyer Of Evil Power.
Six Face – Lord Karthikean:-Lord Of Attraction .
Seven Face – Lord Saptarishi (Seven Great Siddha Sadhu):- Lord Of Knowledge.
Eight Face – Lord Ganesh :-Lord of New Generation.
Nine Face – Lord Navadurga:-Lord Of Power
Ten Face – Lord Vishnu:- Lord of Development.
Eleven Face – Eleven Roopam of Lord Shiva( Akads Rudra):-Lord Of The Ring.
Twelve Face – Sulpani Roopam (God sun):-Lord Of Light.
Thirteen Face – Viswadeva (Indra) :- Lord Of Enjoyment and Happiness.
Fourteen Face – Lord Parmatma Shiva Roopam:- Lord Of Control.
Fifteen Face – Lord Pashupatinath:- Lord Of Moksha Or Mukthi
Sixteen Face – Hari-Shankar Roopam.:- Lord Of Caring
Eighteen Face – Sita-Rama Roopam :- Lord Of Help
Nineteen Face – Bhairava Roopam :- Lord Of Power Against Black Magic.
Twenty Face – Janardana Roopam :- Lord Of Spiritual Knowledge.
Twenty One Face – Lord Shiva:- Lord of Peace Generation, Lord Of Wealth, Lord Of Health Happiness Lord of Destroyer of Evil and Poorness, Lord of Lord, Lord Of Knowledge, Lord Of Unity and many more
Gaurishankar Rudraksha – Shiva – Parvati Roopam :- Lord of Bond.
Trijuti Rudraksha – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva Roopam:- Lord of World.

Astrological Combination

Continual influence of the heavenly bodies from far away in space affects our life, luck and personality. This ceaseless influence of the heavenly bodies when on the wrong side binds us down so much so that all our actions get thwarted and our health goes down a bit and we are lacking in resources.

Thus we have problems all around. To get rid of these bad happenings, Mankind and Womankind endeavors continuously since primeval period to win the favor of these heavenly bodies for their benefit in every possible way. For this there are the religious ceremonies, chanting mantras, giving alms, performing yajnas and spiritual practices, wearing of the Holy Rudraksha, seeking Blessings of Saints and Great Souls and even taking shelter in Astrology.

According to Yogis and Astrologists the Holy Rudraksha is influential in removing bad effects of the planets. Gems are also used specially in removing bad effects of planets. If they are unable to pacify their evil influence it is most advisable to wear Rudrakshas described in the following lines. Then not only are the planets pacified but comfort and pleasure also come to its wearer and they become favorable to Lord Shiva.

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