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Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

One mukhi Rudraksha is regarded as the most auspicious Rudraksha blessed by Lord Shiva.1 mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal, if found shall be similar in shape but smaller compared to 2 mukhi Nepal (oval and flatter and having the shape of an eye if looked sidewise). Its size may be 10 to 15mm long. It may be slightly elliptical and it should not be confused with the Ardha Chandrakar variety of Rameshwaram. Also any bead from Nepal woul have a natural hole in it, while the Chandrakar variety does not have.

The Indonesian 1mukhi Rudraksha is very small in size approx. 5mm to 8mm long and 3mm to 4mm in diameter. One mukh is complete on one side and on the other side there is a partial incomplete line just near the mouth. The Kaju shaped bead or the Chandrakar variety is the most commonly available type and it is regarded as the most auspicious substitute for the other two varieties, which are the most rare Rudraksha beads to be found in nature. Enlightens the super consciousness, provides improved concentration, spirituality and mental structure.

The wearer enjoys all comforts at his/ her command but still remains unattachedIt is the most auspicious Rudraksha among all beads and not only it brings the wearer closer to Lord Shiva but also fulfills all desires of the world and then for realizing God gives internal concentration and powers and finally helps achive Moksha or Nirvana which is the true destiny for a blessed persons soul.

Devta: Shiva
One Face  Rudraksha Ruling Planet: Sun

One Mukhi (Face) Recommended for: Headache, Heart Disease and Right Eye Defect.
One Mukhi (Face) Mantras: Om Namah Shivaya: Om Hreem Namaha
One Mukhi (Face) Day of wearing: Monday

Lord Shiva
God Aditya Planet
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