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Kundli Making

Kundali is the life plan and eye to view the life of an individual. A Kundali entails the details about the positions of stars and planets at the time of your birth based on which further predictions are made. And with further predictions, we mean predictions about different aspects of one’s life like career, health, business, finance, love, and even marriage.

We provide Kundali chart and report as per Vedic Astrology in printed form.

Kundli Matching

Kundli Matching or Guna Milan is the most integral aspect of every Hindu marriage. Hindu astrology lays strong emphasis on Janam Kundali Matching before a couple ties the knot to ensure a happy and long married life. We provide Guna Milan Report for marriage compatibility.

Stone Suggestion

Gemstones have attracted humankind since ancient times. Despite superstitions and legends associated with gemstones, a lot of scientific backing and research vouch for their benefits. Stones, being formed of minerals found in the earth’s crust, have a deep impact on their wearer. They emit radiation and positive energies that calm your mind and soothe your soul. In Astrology, we consider gemstone as Allopathy medicine to the wearer. We suggest Stone according to Rashi and Birth Chart of person, which would be result-oriented to the person.

Rudraksha Suggestion

Rudraksha is made from 2 words Rudra and Aksh, meaning that it was made from the tears of ecstasy of lord shiva that fell on the earth. Several different Rudraksha is depending on the facets they have. We provide Rudraksha’s suggestion that is suitable for wearer after the accurate life prediction by date of birth or birth chart. Individuals can get Rudraksha’s recommendation as best suited to them.

Puja Suggestion

According to our history, human life is a journey of highs and lows, achievements and obstacles, problems. Our Vedas and sages said that human life is a result of our own karma. We can understand this life and our karma through astrology to in turn help remove the ill-effects of karma and achieve salvation. Karamchand allows us to seek the divine blessings for good health, wealth, and prosperity in life. It also helps to grow spiritually and receive divine blessings. We, Aditya Rudraksha Kendra, suggest puja for you which can help in reducing the negative effects of the planets or stars such as puja before the starting of a business, the beginning of a journey, or puja for dosh, etc. We recommend suitable puja remedies to address your concern problem.

Holy Pujas

Puja is a sacred practice of reverence, honor, adoration or worship from the devotee towards the Almighty. Puja could mean different things to different people. For Puja, all you need to have is a devoted heart full of love for the divine. The merciful God overlooks the shortcomings of men if they follow the path of spirituality with devotion.

Best Rudraksha Beads

We are dedicated to promoting Rudraksha & Shree Yantra for its beneficial effects and spiritual qualities.

Products We Provide


Rudraksha beads, the holy beads scientifically called Elaeocarpus Ganitrus. Rudraksha comes from the Sanskrit word and…

Shree Yantra

Shree Yantra is considered as the queen of all yantras that are present in Hindu Vedic astrology. . Meaning of Shree is…


The Shaligram is the most sacred stone worshipped by the Vaishnavas and is used to worship Vishnu. According to shastra worship…


Probably the first stone used for ornamental purposes was a smooth-colored river rock. Or maybe a pretty river stone was…

Divya Combination

Birth Lagna Rudraksha & Gems, Brith Rashi Rudraksha & Gems, Birth Nakshatra Ruling Planet Rudraksha, Choosing Rudraksha by Purpose

Pujan Kits

All products with puja: Include silver Siddha Shree yantra (above 40 grams ), Vishnu chakra Shaligram (Original Nepali), Gomtichakra…

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