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Rudraksha Mala

Siddha Rudraksha Mala

This is a very special and most powerful Mala made of a selection of collector grade Rudrakshas for various Mukhis brought together in a single mala. The beads are strung most effectively for mantra Siddhi and power.A mala having all 1 mukhi to 14 mukhi rudraksha beads,a Gaurishankar,and a Ganesh Rudraksha is known as Siddha Mala.

It combines divine energy of all common rudrakshas and is regarded as one stop solution for all material and mental problems.It has been said by Lord Shiva Himself in Shiva Puran that” any person who wears all mukhi rudrakshas(Siddha Mala)becomes like me and therefore with all the efforts one should try and procure this.

It is a very powerful healing mala. Worn for Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha. The synergistic combination of all mukhis in a mala provides wearer with abundance in wealth, renewed energy, good health, spirituality and fulfillment of desires.


This siddha mala has beads from One to Fourteen faces (mukhis).

This mala is made with the following Rudraksha:

1 Mukhi Rudraksha – 1 Bead,
2 Mukhi Rudraksha – 3 Beads,
3 Mukhi Rudraksha – 3 Beads,
4 Mukhi Rudraksha – 3 Beads,
5 Mukhi Rudraksha – 3 Beads,
6 Mukhi Rudraksha – 3 Beads,
7 Mukhi Rudraksha – 3 Beads,
8 Mukhi Rudraksha – 1 Beads,
9 Mukhi Rudraksha – 1 Beads,
10 Mukhi Rudraksha – 1 Beads,
11 Mukhi Rudraksha – 1 Beads,
12 Mukhi Rudraksha – 1 Beads,
13 Mukhi Rudraksha – 1 Beads,
14 Mukhi Rudraksha – 1 Beads,
Ganesh Rudraksha – 1 Bead,
Gaurishankar Rudraksha – 1 Bead,
Total number of Beads: 27+1 = 28.

Benefits of Siddha Rudraksha Mala

For the successful achievers and ambitious people who want to reach the top level. You may get everything what you can dream. This is the most powerful healing mala. According to Puranas, a person who wears all different mukhi Rudraksha becomes Lord Shiva Incarnate. This mala maybe worn or carried close to person . This has rudraksha beads representing all planets and representing all Devi and Devatas. Testimonials continuously pour in from wearers of this powerful mala.

Quote from Padma Purana

One who wears all mukhi rudraksha becomes equal to me. So dear Son, one should try by all means to wear rudraksha.

Quote from Akshamalikopanishad

All Gods and Goddess reside in this mala. All should worship this mala. This is an “Akshamalika” (garland of letters). All mantra (whose count is 7 crores) and all knowledge reside in this mala.


  • Worldly comfort
  • Spiritual fulfillment
  • Harmony and Oneness
  • Richness and Prosperity
  • Self-confidence
  • Mental Peace
  • Physical Activity
  • Positive Thoughts
  • Creativity Power
  • Health & Wealth
  • Foresight


  • Enmity
  • Fear Of Death
  • Accidental Death
  • Difference of Opinion
  • Inferiority Complex
  • Depression
  • Suffering from Shanidasha
  • Bad effects of Planets
  • Nullify Black Magic
  • Effects of Evil eye

Prevents & Cures

  • Liver diseases
  • Chronic fever
  • Mental ailments
  • Body pains
  • Gynea problems
  • Cancer
  • Lethargy
  • Diseases of the gall bladder, nose, kidney, ears, thighs, genital organs, skin, stomach, etc.
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